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English Cut is a British bespoke tailoring brand founded in 2001 by former Anderson & Sheppard Head Cutter Thomas Mahon. English Cut is a respected and admired Savile Row brand, serving distinguished clients internationally.
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English Cut suits are crafted entirely by hand in Great Britain - from drafting patterns in the traditional rock-of-eye method, to each and every stich sewn into the suits from their workshops in Cumbria and London. English Cut bespoke suits are individual and unique works of craftsmanship.
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English Cut prides itself on offering traditional soft tailored suiting while incorporating modern elements, including english fabrics and style. English Cut tailors respect and admire the history, tradition, and craftsmanship that define a true bespoke Savile Row brand.
While traditional in their tailoring approach, each English Cut craftsman also embraces a sense of charm and wit that is bestowed on every English Cut bespoke suit. This philosophy, based on expertise, authority, and authenticity, ensures that each English Cut bespoke garment will serve its clients needs for decades to come.
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14-16 Market Place, Brampton, Cumbria, CA8 1RW